We offer Construction Consulting focusing on roof replacement from hail damage. Once you see how this works, you’ll wonder why anyone would hire a roofing company.

Let’s go over your claim together.

We can meet over Zoom, explain the process, go over your insurance paperwork, and estimate the profit on the job!

We help YOU Earn

Roofing Company profits are OBSCENE. Why else do you think they come from Texas or Louisiana every time it hails here? We help you earn what they otherwise would.

Exposing Roofing Company Secrets

If you think a roofing company is being completely honest with you, ask them to show you Labor, Materials, and job profit.

We have no problem showing you how much profit is on the job.

Trusted, Validated Subcontractors

We’ve built relationships with trusted subcontractors over the years. When you work with us, you get to skip to the good part: Getting great work done by awesome people.

We’re Here To Help Your Project Blast Off!

If you have an approved insurance claim, lets get this done!