Our experienced team has helped replace millions of dollars in storm damaged roofs. As homeowners ourselves, we honestly sick and tired of the storm chasers and door knockers coming out every time there is a significant storm event. We want to up-end the roofing industry in Minnesota to put the power and knowledge in the homeowners’ hands.

We consult with homeowners and help them order materials, permitting, and labor while allowing them to keep what insurance is compensating them, money that a roofing company would normally take as profits.

Anyone can be a Roofing Project Manager

We can show you how. As consultants, we take care of all of the hard stuff, and hold your hand along the ride while helping you to keep what a roofing company would take as profit.


Knowledge is power, and we work to make sure the homeowner has it.

Images Tell A Story

We help show you behind the curtain with a level of transparency that no roofing contractor can match.

Alacarte Services

A typical roofing company doens't give you much choice other then color.

Options Matter

With Hire A Pro, You pay for the services you want. You decide where the money goes and who gets it.

You're the Boss

You pay for items directly from insurance proceeds, leaving whts left for you.

Looks Amazing

A lot of roofing companies hire commission salespeople and give them a fancy title.

You don’t need to be sold to.

We Are Minnesota Born and Raised, Don’tcha Know

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Pete Arnold
Pete ArnoldOwner
Passionate about ending door to door solicitation, Pete brings his nearly twenty years’ experience in process improvement to forge a path where the homeowner is finally put in control of their project.
Charisma 92%
Sarcasm 79%
Project Management 93%
Process Improvement 85%
Alisha Arnold
Alisha ArnoldOwner
With over fifteen years of experience managing insurance claims, adult education, and homeowner advocacy, Alisha knows what it takes to get your job done right, and compensated correctly.
Insurance Claim Negotiation 88%
Keeping Everything Together 90%
Putting Up With Pete 98%
Project Success 100%

We’re Here To Help Your Project Blast Off!

If you have an approved insurance claim, lets get this done!